The Charles and Dominique FREY domain


Our family domain is spread on 13 ha of vineyard across 3 municipalities ( Dambach la Ville, Scherwiller et Châtenois). 

Our ancestors came from Switzerland and settled in Dambach la Ville on the 17th century, using polyculture just like many Alsatian family of that era. It’s my grandfather Joseph Frey and my father Charles that started selling bottled wines.

Nathalie and Dominique set a new business impulse in the Charles and Dominique Frey domain by exporting for the first time to other European countries, to Japan, Canada, and the USA. In 1997, we decided to switch to organic wine growing under Ecocert control.

Since 2001, we practice biodynamic agriculture successfully. We strive to convey to the wine the energy and life that we provide to our grapes so that the wine is the most palatable and alive possible. Biodynamic agriculture is first and foremost taking care of the soil. We must guarantee its balance and craft harmonic relationships between the soil, the plant and the environment.

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