The village

Dambach la Ville is a beautiful medieval village with 2000 inhabitants.

The village is located in the Piémont des Vosges, which ensures limited oceanic precipitations while allowing a fine sunning during the grape ripening.  Nexus of many extremely touristy sites, Dambach la Ville, country of history and tradition, is surrounded by its defensive wall. Its narrow and convoluted alleys bordered by timber framed houses will seduce you.   Dambach la Ville was first heard in the 11th century and became an Episcopal City around 1340. Its city wall with its three gates and its ditches saw the Siege of the Armagnacs led by the future Louis XI, the Peasant War and the Swedish expedition during the 30 Years’ War.

The entirety of the vineyard above the village is located on a granitic terroir. The village itself is situated on the Rhine Rift dip-slip fault. It’s one of the biggest wine-producing Alsatian municipalities (more than 450 ha of vineyards of which 56 ha are classified as Grand Cru Frankstein).

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